Archive of Notes and Events

Research software development in a “post-PC” world 5 Dec 2012

How will researcher-developers be affected by a shift from traditional PCs to touch tablets using an “app store” software distribution model?

Recent conference tutorial material now available! 21 Oct 2012

Slides and handouts from our recent conference tutorials are now available on this site. If you work with audio and music research software and data, we hope you'll find something of interest here.

First Workshop on Maintainable Software Practices in e-Science 9 Oct 2012

The 1st Workshop on Maintainable Software Practices in e-Science, co-located with e-Science 2012, provides a dedicated forum to discuss new research, experiences and best practice in developing and maintaining software within an e-Science context.

ISMIR 2012 Tutorial 5 Oct 2012

We'll be conducting a tutorial at this year's edition of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference - ISMIR 2012 - which will take place in Porto, Portugal, October 8th-12th, 2012.

From York to Porto, with a quick stop in London 27 Sep 2012

We recently spent a week in York, where we organised a software bootcamp and delivered tutorial at this year's edition of the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects DAFx 2012

Packing up for DAFx 10 Sep 2012

The SoundSoftware team is about to head head to York, where we'll be participating in this year's edition of the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects DAFx 2012.

Some things I have learnt about optimising Python 17 Jul 2012

Dan Stowell shares some notes on how to get the more processor-intensive parts of your code running quickly in Python, so as to exploit the quick development cycle of Python without having to reimplement working code in a different language.

Register now for our pre-DAFx Software Bootcamp! 13 Jul 2012

We're organising a three-day software development bootcamp in York, the week before the DAFx conference this September.

SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop: resources online 12 Jul 2012

The video recordings and other resources from the SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research are now online.

Software Bootcamp for Audio and Music Researchers 10 Jul 2012

The SoundSoftware and Software Carpentry projects are organising a three-day bootcamp on software development, during the week preceding the DAFx conference. The bootcamp will run from the 13th to 15th of September 2012 at the University of York.