Software and Programming Examples

Here you can find programming examples from our tutorial sessions, workshops, and elsewhere.

Python examples typically use Python 2 with NumPy, Nose, and Matplotlib.

Code examples are either BSD-licensed or CC0 (copyright disclaimed). Either way, you may freely use any of these examples in your own work. Written documents are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0.

Test-driven audio analysis in Python

This is a simple audio analysis method written using a test-driven development process, from our tutorial at ISMIR 2012.

The aim is not to show how to do audio processing in Python, but rather to suggest how one might approach an audio research problem in such a way as to end up with a clean, modular program with unit tests.

Audio processing examples in Python

This series of examples was written with Codasign for the Software Bootcamp for Audio and Music Researchers in the University of York, September 2012.

These examples illustrate how to do straightforward audio processing tasks using Python with NumPy and scikits.audiolab.

Audio analysis with tests in C++

A note-tracker plugin implemented in C++ with unit tests.

This code, which compiles into a Vamp plugin, will take a recording of a solo singing voice and turn it into a series of note objects. It's provided as an illustration of breaking down a task into individual testable components.