Archive of Notes and Events

New code site features: Instant repository downloads, project tagging 24 Nov 2011

Some very handy new features in the SoundSoftware code repository site.

GDC Code Sharing Session at QMUL 3 Nov 2011

We attended a Code Sharing Session organised by the Graduate Developer Community. Participants were given a challenge beforehand: to write a sudoku puzzle solver. They then shared their code and discussed different coding practices.

Two introductory EasyMercurial videos 4 Oct 2011

We've just made a couple of very short, simple videos showing the basics of using EasyMercurial.

EasyMercurial: a version control interface from 26 Aug 2011

We're delighted to be able to announce the release of EasyMercurial, a simple program for managing version control for files and projects.

Software Carpentry featured in Nature 5 Jul 2011

The current edition of Nature Methods contains an article about information technology in lab work featuring the developer behind Software Carpentry.

New tools to help understand CC licences 24 Jun 2011

JISC announce two new online wizards to assist in navigating compatibility issues that arise when trying to blend material under different Creative Commons licences.

Videos from the Autumn School! 21 Mar 2011

Video footage from the Software Carpentry and UK Autumn School 2010 is now available via YouTube.

Advanced Scientific Programming in Python 3 Mar 2011

A Summer School run by the G-Node and the School of Psychology, University of St Andrews, on September 11–16, 2011.

Why use version control? 1 Mar 2011

The first in our series of posts about the relationship between software development and audio and music research.

UK Autumn School 2010 7 Feb 2011

In November 2010, we organised a one-week Autumn School to train PhD students and researchers in the software development skills required to build reliable research software quickly and with a minimum of effort, and so maximize the impact of their research.