From York to Porto, with a quick stop in London

We recently spent a week in York, where we organised a software bootcamp and delivered tutorial at this year's edition of the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects DAFx 2012

The software bootcamp (which ran from Sep 13 to Sep 15) had more than 25 attendees - mostly from the Audio and Music research field. The bootcamp's first two days were dedicated to non-subject-specific Software Carpentry material, presented by Greg Wilson, and the third day had material specific to audio and music researchers, presented by Adam and Becky of Codasign. You can read the workshop on Software Development for Audio and Music Researchers on this Software Carpentry blog post.

Steve Welburn, from the SoDaMat project, was one of the bootcamp's helpers and wrote a post on his project's blog with his impressions of the bootcamp—you can find it here.

On Monday, 17th Sep, we presented a tutorial session at DAFx. During one and a half hours Mark Plumbley, Steve Welburn and Chris Cannam presented to an audience of more than 60 people topics such as Open Publication, Reproducible Research, Data Management, Software and Data Licences, Software Testing and Version Control.

We have the feeling that this week was quite productive and a good chance to discuss our project with researchers of the field.

We're now preparing a tutorial we'll be coordinating in the 13th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR) which will take place in Porto, Portugal. It will cover the same topics as DAFx's, but with a hands on session and more discussion. Hope to see you there!