An annual series of one-day seminars on aspects of software and data in audio and music research.

With talk abstracts and video capture links.

SoundSoftware 2014  with Tillman Weyde, Bob L. Sturm, Guillaume Pellerin, Mark Plumbley, Wadud Miah, Nela Brown, Katerina Kosta, John ffitch, Oliver Bown, Toby Gifford, Di Mainstone, Alessia Milo, and Dimitrios Bountouridis
SoundSoftware 2013 with Nick Barnes, Jamie Bullock, Becky Stewart, Mahendra Mahey, Bryan Pardo, Mathieu Barthet, Angus Hewlett, and Luís Figueira
SoundSoftware 2012 with Cameron Neylon, Chris Cannam, Paul Walmsley, David Gavaghan, Roy Patterson, Thomas Walters, Bob L. Sturm, Steve Welburn, Jez Wells, David De Roure, Steve Crouch, and Mahendra Mahey

Reproducible Research Prizes

IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 2014: InformationWinning entries

Audio Engineering Society 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio, 2014: InformationWinning entries Prizes for Reproducibility in Audio and Music Research, 2013: InformationWinning entries