Packing up for DAFx

The SoundSoftware team is about to head head to York, where we'll be participating in this year's edition of the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects DAFx 2012.

From this Thursday onwards we'll be organising a 3-day sattelite workshop on Software Development for Audio and Music Researchers. We'll be having Greg Wilson from Software Carpentry, and both Becky Stewart and Adam Stark from Codasign, helping us running this course.

If you're attending the workshop, please do not forget to read all about it on this page, including the required software list and installation instructions. If you'd like to attend but forgot to register on due time, please drop us an email to – we might still have a place for you!

Next Monday, Sep 17, we'll be running a Tutorial session entitled Pointers to More Effective Software and Data in Audio Research, together with Steve Welburn, from for the Sound Data Management Training (SoDaMaT) project. Please read more about this session on the DAFx programme page.

Hope to see you in York!