Archive of Notes and Events

A workshop for research software engineers 2 Aug 2013

The Software Sustainability Institute is organising a one-day workshop for research software engineers, in Oxford on 11th September 2013. If you write software for research—even if you don't think of yourself as a software engineer—this could be really interesting.

What did we talk about at the second SoundSoftware workshop? 28 Jun 2013

The second edition of the SoundSoftware workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Researchers took place last Wednesday, 26 June 2013. During this one-day event the invited speakers and the audience had the opportunity to discuss the challenges of working with software and data in audio and music research.

Reproducible Research prizes: we have winners! 26 Jun 2013

The winners of our first Reproducible Research Prize are now available!

SoundSoftware 2013: Second Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research 30 May 2013

The second one-day workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research will take place on 26 June 2013. The aim of this workshop is to discuss issues such as robust software development for audio and music research, reproducible research, management of research data, and open access.

Announcing our first Call For Software Projects 10 May 2013

Could your research work benefit from assistance or expertise to improve its long-term sustainability and reusability?

If you're a UK-based audio/music researcher and you have a project like this, we'd love to hear from you!

Article on software development techniques to be presented in AES Rome 26 Apr 2013

We'll be presenting our most recent paper — Software Techniques for Good Practice in Audio and Music Research — at the 134th International Audio Engineering Society Convention which takes place in Rome, May 4-7.

Announcing the Prizes for Reproducibility in Audio and Music Research 23 Apr 2013

We're proud to announce the Prizes for Reproducibility in Audio and Music Research. These prizes' objective is to promote the development and release of sustainable and reusable software associated with published research.

Media and Arts Technology Students Software Carpentry Workshop 12 Feb 2013

We ran a 2-day Software Carpentry course for Media and Arts Technology Programme students at Queen Mary, University of London.

Notes from a Software Bootcamp at Max Planck Institute 31 Jan 2013

On the 25 and 26th of January we helped to organise another Software Carpentry workshop. This workshop was held on the Tuebingen Campus of the Max Planck Institute, Germany.

What's the difference between Mercurial and git? 17 Jan 2013

We're occasionally asked why we chose to use Mercurial in our code hosting site, and what difference there is between Mercurial and git.