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What's the difference between Mercurial and git?


We're occasionally asked why we chose to use Mercurial in our code hosting site, and what difference there is between Mercurial and git.

Tools and Facilities is a code-repository and project management site for software development carried out in the UK academic audio and music research field.

EasyMercurial 1.2 released!

EasyMercurial 1.2 on Windows 7

We're very happy to announce that EasyMercurial 1.2 is now available.

Get started with your software and our project site

New project link on

The SoundSoftware project provides a software project hosting site for use by UK audio and music researchers. Here's a simple 5-step guide to getting your software on the site and starting to manage it in a more sustainable way.

Version control: What system should I use?

A version control system remembers the history of changes to your files, so you can review what you have changed and when; and it helps you to share your changes and work with colleagues more easily. Here we talk about which version control system or service to use.

EasyMercurial 1.1 released!

EasyMercurial new merge node

A new updated version of our simple version control interface is now available.

Two introductory EasyMercurial videos

We've just made a couple of very short, simple videos showing the basics of using EasyMercurial.

EasyMercurial: a version control interface from

We're delighted to be able to announce the release of EasyMercurial, a simple program for managing version control for files and projects.

Why use version control?

The first in our series of posts about the relationship between software development and audio and music research.

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