Reproducible research

Reproducible Research Prizes

In order to promote the development and release of sustainable and reusable software associated with published research the Soundsoftware project created the Reproducible Research prizes.

Prize rounds

We organised Prizes for Reproducibility in Signal Processing for work published at the IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP 2014). Read more here: Prizes for Reproducibility in Semantic Audio Research

The SoundSoftware Project, in collaboration with the Audio Engineering Society's 53rd Conference on Semantic Audio, will be sponsoring a Prize for Reproducibility in the field of Semantic Audio published at this conference.

This edition of the Reproducible Research prizes follows our earlier Prizes for Reproducibility in Audio and Music Research.

News and important dates

  • 9 August- Initial announcement

Tools and Facilities is a code-repository and project management site for software development carried out in the UK academic audio and music research field.

Printable Handouts and Guides

In this page you can find the printable resources associated with the different tutorials and workshops we've organised so far. This page will keep being updated as we organise more events, so watch this space!

ISMIR 2012 Tutorial

We'll be conducting a tutorial at this year's edition of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference - ISMIR 2012 - which will take place in Porto, Portugal, October 8th-12th, 2012.

SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop: resources online

David De Roure's Talk at SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop

The video recordings and other resources from the SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research are now online.

Software Bootcamp for Audio and Music Researchers

The SoundSoftware and Software Carpentry projects are organising a three-day bootcamp on software development, during the week preceding the DAFx conference. The bootcamp will run from the 13th to 15th of September 2012 at the University of York.

SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop: programme available

We're happy to announce that the full programme for the SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop is now available.

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