Software Carpentry workshops in April and May

We are helping the Software Carpentry project to run two workshops this year in the UK, one at the end of April at UCL in London, and the other in May in Newcastle. These are highly recommended for researchers interested in improving their software skills.

Visits to Research Groups

We're going on a series of visits to audio and music research groups around the UK, to find out more about the way researchers are working with software and how we can help.

Videos from the Autumn School!

Video footage from the Software Carpentry and SoundSoftware.ac.uk UK Autumn School 2010 is now available via YouTube.

UK Autumn School 2010: an enjoyable and educational experience

The Software Carpentry and SoundSoftware.ac.uk UK Autumn School 2010 presented by Dr. Greg Wilson was an invigorating and inspiring educational event.

Who attended the 2010 Autumn School?

Greg asked everyone - including the SoundSoftware.ac.uk organisers! - to come up with a short and snappy introduction to their research work: here are some of them.

UK Autumn School–Software Carpentry for Audio and Music Researchers

The aim of this one-week Autumn School (London, UK, 1-5 November 2010) is to train PhD students and researchers in the software development skills required to build reliable research software quickly and with a minimum of effort, and so maximize the impact of their research.

The Autumn School is presented by Dr. Greg Wilson in collaboration with SoundSoftware.ac.uk: Sustainable Software for Audio and Music Research.

Music Hack Day - London 2010

At the start of September the Music Hack Day returned to London, where it all began, to explore and build the next generation of music applications.

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