SoundSoftware 2012 Workshop: Event Details

Event Details



Software and data have increasingly become an integral part of our research in the audio and music community. In the process, the way that we do research in this field is changing, with methods and software becoming increasingly complex, and reliable datasets becoming increasingly important.

The first SoundSoftware one-day workshop on "Software and Data for Audio and Music Research" will include talks and discussions on issues such as robust software development for audio and music research, reproducible research, management of research data, and open access.

While our project is concentrating on the audio and music research community, we believe many of these issues will have wider interest, and we want to link with other communities for which proper handling of research software and data are important.


(note: this programme is still provisional: last updated 24th May.)

10:30 Registration/Coffee
11:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks
11:10 Keynote: Science as a Service: Institution as Platform
Cameron Neylon (Public Library of Science)
11:50 Oral Session 1

SoundSoftware: Software Sustainability for Audio and Music Researchers
Chris Cannam/Mark D. Plumbley (Queen Mary University of London/

The Joy of Reproducibility: Three techniques for robustness and repeatability
Paul Walmsley (Sibelius Team, Avid)

A new approach to developing software for computational science
David Gavaghan (University of Oxford)

12:50 Lunch and Networking
14:00 Oral Session 2

The development of Auditory Image software: a little history and some lessons for future systems
Roy Patterson (University of Cambridge)

Developing a new auditory model: lessons in version control, collaboration and engineering
Thomas Walters (Google)

The Tzanetakis music genre dataset: Its faults and the challenges they provide
Bob L. Sturm (Aalborg University Copenhagen)

Sustainable Management of Digital Music Research Data
Steve Welburn (Queen Mary University of London/Sustainable Management of Digital Music Research Data)

15:20 Tea Break
15:40 Oral Session 3

Public Engagement via Software
Jez Wells (The University of York)

Repeat, Reuse, Remix, Reproduce
David De Roure (University of Oxford)

Software is not static: An Introduction to the Software Sustainability Institute
Steve Crouch (Software Sustainability Institute)

A Community of Developers in UK Higher Education Stimulating Innovation
Mahendra Mahey (University of Bath/DevCSI)

17:00 Panel Discussion
17:30 Close*

*There will be an opportunity to continue discussions after the Workshop closes in a nearby Pub/Restaurant.

Workshop Venue

The Workshop will take place in the Maths Lecture Theater, (Mathematical Sciences building, Queen Mary University of London's Mile End campus).

Please download the following campus map (pdf), with the location of the Mathematical Sciences building.

For further information on the campus, and how to get to Queen Mary University, please follow this link: Mile End Campus.


The registration is now closed. Please send us an email ( in case you wish to attend but haven't registered.

Additional info

This workshop precedes the 9th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval conference (CMMR 2012, 19-24 June 2012,


This workshop is supported by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).