Inside the conference centre

Last week we attended the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) at the International Conference Centre in Kyoto, Japan.

We were presenting our paper Sound Software: Towards Software Reuse in Audio and Music Research in the ICASSP poster session on Signal Processing Education. As well as the paper itself, you can download the poster we presented here.

ICASSP poster session

ICASSP is a very large international conference that covers a broad range of subject material, so rather than focus on our usual UK audience we aimed to generalise the findings and ideas from our work and make them applicable to a wider audience.

We felt that our poster presentation went well; with a two-hour slot, we had enough interest throughout to keep three of us busy continuously, and the interest was largely positive and engaging, leaving us with plenty to think about and to work on afterwards. With so many parallel sessions (14 of them in every time slot!) it was only ever going to be possible to engage a small fraction of attendees, but we felt it was a successful and interesting experience.

Main hall

The conference itself was very efficiently organised, and aside from the usual problems with wifi access for such a large attendance, the venue worked extremely well. The Kyoto ICC is a terrific 1960s-70s construction in a futurist style with a suggestion of traditional Japanese architecture, and besides being fascinating to look at, provides a comfortable and flexible interior space (somewhat reminiscent of the Barbican theatre complex in London) and relaxing outdoor water gardens.